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Lanai is the Newest product category for us snow birds. A “completely” screened enclosure including the roof (Lanai) has never been a possibility North of Florida due to ice, hail, and snow loads. But ADI discovered a screening product designed to carry a centered load up to 800 lbs. and resist tearing. Thus the screened cage pool enclosure frequently seen in Florida are now here. Two Great Benefits of the Lanai for anyone with an existing pool or building / installing a new pool are:

  1. The pool Lanai meets the pool fencing requirements and can replace or eliminate the typical pool fence. Thus, many new construction pool budgets already have the funds necessary for a Lanai.
  2. A pool Lanai eliminates the need for a pool cover since no debris will be falling into the pool during the off season. Again, dollar savings are realized as well as appearance advantages without having the required and difficult pool cover.

The Lanai product is also a great solution to people who live on or near the water or wetlands where strict zoning regulation prevents and addional roof or covered structures from being built due to water run off and impervious space restrictions. Because a Lanai allows all of the rain / water through, it does not impact the run off and impervious space restrictions thus allowing ADI to create a beautiful bug free, UV limited and shading structure. Yes, we have special screen material to provide shading on the roof as well.

  • Pool Enclosures
  • Screened porch - open enclosures
  • Shade
  • UV Protection
  • Critical Bay / Wetlands Solution

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We would welcome an opportunity to professionally build a beautiful Lanai project for you. Please call or contact us for more information.